Devices for deposit treatment in boilers exported

The device to treat deposit in boilers of Ewater Engineering Co. Ltd., a newly qualified science-technology business, has attracted much attention from domestic companies thanks to its effectiveness and low cost. This device, which was developed and manufactured by Vietnamese engineers, will be exported to Malaysia and Indonesia.

Engineers of Ewater Engineering Co. Ltd. are introducing the new device Ewater
Engineers of Ewater Engineering Co. Ltd. are introducing the new device Ewater

In the seminar to introduce ‘Ionization technology to treat deposits in boilers without chemicals’ held by Techmart Daily, the Center for Science and Technology Information (under the HCMC Department of Science and Technology) and Ewater Engineering Co. Ltd., it is agreed that this technology can be widely implemented to treat industrial boilers in certain industries such as clothing, textile, food processing, hard and soft drink manufacturing, aquaculture, paper manufacturing, and cashew manufacturing. It can even be implemented in boilers of military kitchens.

The representative of Ewater Engineering shared that when boilers operate, besides water steam, certain mineral substance or deposit such as CaSiO3, CaSO4, CaCO3 existing in the water source will gradually pile up and pipes will be stuck, greatly reducing the heat release performance. This will damage those pipes, or in worse cases, will make boilers exploded.

To solve the problem, companies usually use chemicals to prevent deposit from piling up inside pipelines or physics solutions such as cleaning high-pressured or supersonic cleaning to soften dirt. However, these methods are very costly, yet they cannot deliver precise results.

The new device named Ewater makes good use of physics and electromagnetic laws to create one specific electromagnetic induction field inside a tube. Using continuously alternative wave frequencies from 1.2 – 48kHz, it provides proper energy to ionize water as well as deposits and rust, reducing their ability to gum up the surface of the tube. The fluctuating electromagnetic field will provide energy to separate water molecule in order to release electron from hydro. This will become a catalyst to rush all deposits and rust out of pipelines.

Ewater has another advantage of no need of maintenance. Users only regularly check its operating status, which will save around 5-30 percent of energy as well as 100 percent cost from chemicals.

This new technology was developed by Ewater Engineering Co. Ltd. and successfully installed in many plants, including Nam Ha Pharma Joint Stock Co. (sited in Nam Dinh Province), Nha Trang Seafoods Joint Stock Co., Hai Nam Ltd. Co. (sited in Binh Thuan Province), and Lafooco.

According to Mr. Le Trung Hieu, Director of Ewater Engineering Co. Ltd., this new device is going to be exported to Malaysia and Indonesia.

In the seminar, Ewater Engineering Co. Ltd. also introduced a device to treat deposits for heat release towers without chemicals, which actively absorbs ions in water before they are saturated and stuck inside the wall of machines.

Taking around two years of development, this new device is also on its way to be installed in domestic companies, with a vision for exportation.

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