Dengue prevention campaign launched in HCMC

The Department of Health in Ho Chi Minh City yesterday launched a dengue prevention campaign citywide in response to Asean Dengue Day 2019 aiming to create an advocacy initiative to combat dengue fever in an integrated manner such as killing mosquito’s larva and mosquitos
Dengue prevention campaign launched in HCMC

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Deputy Head of the Department of Health Dr. Nguyen Huu Hung said that this year will be peak season for the campaign which will last to the end of June and its activities will maintain to the end of the year.

Activities will focus on killing mosquito’s larva, mosquito and clean houses as well as environment in district each week and in “dengue hotspots”. Additionally, medical workers will handle outbreaks of disease in residential blocks to curb its spread.

Dr. Hung said that the cases of dengue fever are trending upward years by years. Specifically, in 2018, HCMC reported 28,000 hospitalized cases of dengue including ten deaths.

Therefore, local administrators and the health sector always take of dengue prevention and the most effective measure is to kill mosquito and its larva in offices, houses and keep environment clean.

Right after the launch ceremony, the Department and local administrators in districts toured to “dengue hotspots” in residential quarters in order to increase information of the diseases and how to kill mosquito and its larva.