Covid-19 rapid test price reduced to VND78,000 per test

The Ministry of Health, on February 19, issued Circular No.02/2022/TT-BTY regulating the price for Covid-19 testing services, effective from February 21.

Accordingly, the price for single-sample rapid testing within the coverage of the Medical Insurance Fund is VND78,000 per test, including direct cost, salary cost, and biological products, down by nearly 30 percent from the current testing price of VND109,700 per test, according to Circular No.16.

For testing by automatic or semi-automatic immunoassay analyzer for a single sample, the maximum price is not higher than VND178,900 per test (the current price is VND186,600 per test).

For single-sample testing by RT-PCR, the price should not exceed VND501,800 per test (the current price is VND518,400 per test). In the case of sample pooling, the testing service price includes direct cost, salary cost, and the cost of biological products for the SARS-CoV-2 testing as prescribed. Of which, the biological products for testing are divided equally according to the total number of pooled samples. The maximum payment level must not exceed the testing price for pooled samples specified in this Circular.

The Ministry of Health requires all State-owned medical examination and treatment establishments to apply the above prices.

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