CDC warns about seasonal reproduction of dengue as infections rise

The Ho Chi Minh City Center for Disease Control warned seasonal reproduction of dengue as infections have risen while Covid-19 has been still posing threats.
A dengue patient is being treated in the city Children Hospital (Photo: SGGP)
A dengue patient is being treated in the city Children Hospital (Photo: SGGP)
Though more people have contracted dengue, they are afraid of going to medical clinics for fearing of cross-infection of Covid-19 but safe-medication resulting in bad consequences.
The Ho Chi Minh City Center for Disease Control said that during two recent months, around 500 people are infected with dengue weekly. Worse, 31 wards in 13 districts in Ho Chi minh City recorded 40 outbreaks of dengue. Hospitalization of dengue patients were reported.
The city-based Children Hospital No.1 announced to provide treatment for 60 children inpatients and outpatients while the Children Hospital No.2 is treating 25 hospitalized patients; some of them are in critical condition.
Head of the Dengue Ward of the Children Hospital No.1 Dr. Nguyen Minh Tuan said that hospitalized dengue patients were in critical when they were taken to the hospital.
Lately, a 16-year-old girl in District 7 died of dengue. Before, she was taken to an infirmary in District 4 but she was then transferred to the Tropical Disease Hospital for further treatment. What a pity! Sh succumbed to the disease later. This is the first death relating to dengue in HCMC this year.
Physicians of the Tropical Disease Center of Bach Mai in Hanoi are treating many dengue patients who are in serious condition because they were rushed to the hospitals late.
A 57-year-old patients in Hanoi died of dengue after one week treatment.
Director of the Center Dr. Do Duy Cuong said that the patient self-medicated for five days. Only when the patient’s condition was so serious, relatives took him to the hospital. Doctors’ efforts to save him was unrewarded. This is the second death due to dengue in Hanoi.
Medical experts advised people suffering high fever, nausea, vomiting, rash, aches and pains (eye pain, typically behind the eyes, muscle, joint, or bone pain) to go to nearby medical centers rather than self-medication.
Health workers advised people to dispose of unwanted containers where water may gather (such as lunch boxes and soft-drink cans) into a covered bin and use mosquito nets or screens in rooms.
The Ministry of Health proposed local health authorities to closely monitor to curb outbreaks of dengue by spraying chemicals in high risk area and cut deaths.
According to the Department of Preventive Medicine under the Ministry of Health, by August, 2020, the country has recorded over 50,000 dengue patients mostly in the Southern region following by the Central and the Central Highlands.

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