Ca Mau authority urgent to tackle rabies

People’s Committee in the Mekong delta province of Ca Mau yesterday urged its sub-divisions to strengthen preventive measures against rabies because one human rabies death occurred in the province.
A poster calls for rabies prevention (Photo: SGGP)
A poster calls for rabies prevention (Photo: SGGP)
Related agencies must increase information of cause of rabies and guidance local people to prevent it.
Three months ago, a man in Ca Mau Town captured and impounded his dog because he suspected his dog has been exposed to an infected animal as it exhibited warning signs of rabies in dogs. Yet the animal escaped the cage. While the man tried to catch it, he was bitten in the hand. Though the dog has the rabies symptoms, the man did not go to medical clinic for vaccination.
Three months later, he displayed erratic behaviors including talking nonsense, sometimes shouting or keeping silent, having convulsion fits.
He was taken to many infirmaries yet his condition did not abate and he died later. Based on his symptoms and medical record, health authority verified he died of rabies.
Medical workers have sprayed chemicals in his house’s premises as well as kept an eye on those who had eaten the meat of rabid dogs.

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