Businesses grappling with post-Covid-19 human resource problem

Businesses are grappling with  post-Covid-19 human resource problem as the Covid-19 has caused significant damaging impact on enterprises and offices alike throughout the country and human resource has been emerging as one of challenges.
Businesses are grappling with human resource problem for post-Covid-19 when the Covid-19 has caused significant damaging impact on enterprises (Photo: SGGP)
Businesses are grappling with human resource problem for post-Covid-19 when the Covid-19 has caused significant damaging impact on enterprises (Photo: SGGP)

Many businesses had to lay off employees as well as cut down on human resources cost in salary and benefits to maintain through the crisis. In the post-Covid-19 crisis stage, businesses have to solve the human resource problem.

Regarding the labor market, HCMC's Center of Forecasting Manpower Needs and Labor Market Information (Falmi) said its survey has shown 25 percent of businesses chose to cut working time, temporarily lay off with or without financial aid. Following insurmountable difficulties due to the pandemic crisis, the demand of workforce in early months of 2020 tended to decline compared to the same period last year especially in transportation, education, accommodation, tourist and textile and garment.

A survey conducted by the employer branding solutions firm Anphabe shows the coronavirus pandemic has brought many changes. It has forced all to find new ways of working. Many enterprises volunteered to change their way to do business for good in the post stage.

First of all, the coronavirus crisis has pushed businesses to employ digital technologies, an inevitable process to drive growth particularly in the time of social distancing when working at home has soared to replace traditional working methods.

Along with using digital technologies, Coronavirus-related disruption has changed and forced businesses to change their strategies. Many enterprises had made use of social distancing to launch different services such as home delivery of goods and producing new products to increase human resistance to diseases.

Additionally, in the Coronavirus-related disruption, enterprises were determined in making policies to re-arrange personnel in line with the special situation. According to Anphabe’ statistics, personnel rearrangement took place in retailers, insurance companies, banks and property companies where operating employees were trained to become salespersons.

Moreover, to help employees feel secured, companies updated their wellbeing and business result everyday.

In the special time, many enterprises increased training for preparation of new stage. For instance, an insurance company invested US$2 million for online training while INSEE Vietnam registered distance learning account in LinkedIn for its managers and FE Credit Company trained employees how to sell goods through phone.

Though some enterprises temporarily stopped expanding its production scale, Falmi said they resumed recruitment activities and in the second quarter, 2020, enterprises needed to recruit 47,000 laborers, a decrease of 37 percent compared to the same period last year. Falmi Director Tran Le Thanh Truc said e-commercial, IT , online consultation, marketing, shipping service, textile and garment, Fintech and online entertainment are in need of employees.

According to Anphabe, after the coronavirus pandemic, enterprises will consider working at home and hire freelancers and part-time employees instead of permanent employees. Cost-saving benefits will be top priority. In the post- pandemic, enterprises will maximize workforce and efficiency as well as digital technologies for ensuring smooth operation.

CEO & Chief Happiness Officer of Anphabe Thanh Nguyen said that in addition to changes in business strategies and working way, new skills including digital literacy will be learnt because they are decisive factors for employees. Laborers must demonstrate their willingness to learn new skills or else they will be laid off.

To help laborers find jobs at the time being, Navigos Search Company launched campaign “Career Support”. General Director of Navigos Group Gaku Echizenya said the Covid-19 damaging impact has pushed direct activities into online activities; therefore, demand for IT employees increased dramatically.