Bank employees forbidden to share rumors' information

The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) - the branch in Ho Chi Minh City - today required officials and employees in commercial banks not to share rumors' information or else they will receive severe punishment.
Bank employees forbidden to share rumors' information ảnh 1 Bank employees are forbidden to share rumors' information

SBV branch in Ho Chi Minh City sent an urgent document to the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee in the southern metropolis, the Party Committee's Commission for Mass Mobilization, leaders of departments and agencies in HCMC, and leaders of people's committees in districts and Thu Duc City on coordination and dissemination for people and businesses to understand the guidelines and policies of the Government, the State Bank and relevant legal regulations on the protection of rights and legitimate interests of depositors.

According to the SBV branch in Ho Chi Minh City, in recent days, negative information about Saigon Commercial Bank (SCB) has spread on social networks. These are inaccurate pieces of information that affect the psychology of depositors at SCB; consequently, many of them decided to withdraw money ahead of time. This not only directly affects the interests of people and depositors but also affects the money market and banking activities.

In addition, the State Bank of Ho Chi Minh City branch also sent a document to general directors of credit institutions citywide, directing to increase communication to curb premature withdrawal, causing losses for depositors.

At the same time, credit institutions were asked to have solutions and actions in order to ensure the interests of depositors and measures to stabilize banking operations.

Credit institutions were urged to regularly contact, exchange, and report to the SBV branch in Ho Chi Minh City on difficulties and problems during operation so that the state bank can help remove them.