VND 12,180 bln tax debt recovered

Ho Chi Minh City Tax Department has taken back the tax debt of VND 12,180 billion.

Of these, the tax debt recovery by financial management method was over VND 7,000 billion, by coercive method was VND 5,171 billion.

However, the debts of total penalties and interest of tax in the Tax Department are still high, which are VND 18,111 billion, up 10.3 percent (equivalent to VND 1,691 billion) compared to September 31, 2012.

Among them, bad debts increase more than 5 percent (equivalent to VND 150 billion), awaiting resolution debts increase 37 percent (equivalent to VND 116 billion); coverage debts rise more than 11 percent (equivalent to VND 1,425 billion).

In the second half of 2014, the HCMC Tax Department said it will continue to check tax debts.

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