Samsung employs nearly 160,000 Vietnamese employees

Samsung Vietnam’s export turnover reached more than US$ 60 billion in 2018, an increase of 12 percent over 2017, employed 160,000 Vietnamese workers, said newly appointed General Director of Samsung Vietnam yesterday. 
Samsung employs nearly 160,000 Vietnamese employees

At the meeting with Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung, Mr. Choi Joo Ho said that there were around 35 Vietnamese enterprises to become the first level suppliers for Samsung, and 627 Vietnamese enterprises involved in the supply chain, accounting for about 30 percent of Samsung's total suppliers. 

The Deputy PM affirmed that the Vietnamese Government highly appreciated the South Korean investors including Samsung, the largest foreign investor in Vietnam with six projects having total registered investment capital of over US$ 17.3 billion, and one of the outstanding corporations in encouraging and creating condition for Vietnamese enterprises to join value chain. 

Development for supporting industries is considered as strategic priority of Vietnam. As this reason, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung suggested the South Korean enterprises in general and Samsung in particular to continue affirming their important role to bring development for Vietnam’s supporting industrial businesses. 

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