Ministries decide to keep prices of gasoline unchanged

The inter-ministries of Industry and Trade - Finance decided to keep the prices of gasoline RON95 and E5 RON92 unchanged.

Moreover, at a recent meeting, the two ministries announced to maintain the oil price. Accordingly, the current retail gasoline price will remain unchanged until February 1.

Lately, the Department of Domestic Market under the Ministry of Industry and Trade said that, according to regulations, petrol and oil prices are regulated on the first, 11 and 21 of every month, but because January 21 this year falls on the 30th day of the Lunar New Year - the weekend; so the domestic petrol price will be adjusted on February 1.

A number of wholesalers and distributors on January 14 sent notices to retail agents that the inter-ministerial department would not change retail prices on January 21.

To address the current inadequacy of the current policy of administering petrol prices every 10 days, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has recently proposed a plan to shorten the time of price management to 7 days so that the price in the country can be close to that in the world.

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