Hanoians no longer queue to buy gold

Hanoians didn’t stand in line to buy gold today - the God of Wealth Day which is known as the day when people buy the largest amount of gold of the year to pray for a prosperous new year, good business, and prosperous fortune.

Hanoians no longer queue to buy gold

With that concept, not only businessmen but many people also rush to buy gold bars on this day.

Today’s price of gold price decreased by VND700,000 (US$28.6) a tael in the afternoon of buying, but in the afternoon of selling only decreased slightly. According to the reporter, at 9 o'clock, Bao Tin Minh Chau gold store on Hanoi’s Tran Nhan Tong Street, the buying and the selling of SJC gold price at VNDD76.05 million a tael and VND78.05 million a tael while that of gold rings was at VND6,478 million- VND6,588 million a tael.

DOJI Jewelry Group currently listed the buying and selling prices of SJC gold at VND75.8 million a tael and at VND78.35 million a tael while prices of gold rings at VND6.42 million and at VND6.565 million. In Phu Quy, SJC gold bar price is listed at VND 75.8 million a tael for buying and at VND78.1 million a tael for selling.

Although the number of customers lining up to buy gold at gold shops in some streets in Hanoi was more than usual, it has decreased compared to the God of Wealth day of previous years. Gold store staff explained that as many people had bought the precious metal in previous days because today was Monday so people had to work.

In addition, customers can also directly order online on the business's website and just pick up the goods, so many people who don't have much time choose this option. Ms. Nguyen Viet Ha residing in Hoang Mai District in Hanoi said she has a habit of buying gold every year on the day of the God of Wealth for good luck, usually just 2 taels and gold bars with Zodiac animal print.

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