Gasoline prices reduce by VND600 per liter

According to request of the Ministries of Finance and Industry and Trade, all prices of gasoline in the country reduced at 3pm on August 18.

Specifically, the price of Ron 92 gasoline reduced by VND 600 to VND 24,210 per liter; diesel oil was reduced VND 80 to VND 22,090 per liter; kerosene was VND 70 to 22,250 per liter…

The Ministries required businesses and wholesales stop using the Price Stabilization Fund for gasoline (from VND 300 per liter to VND 0 per liter)

According to calculations by the two Ministries, companies in the country are making high profit of VND 592 per liter of gasoline, VND 75 per liter of diesel oil, VND 61 per liter of kerosene and VND 51 per liter of mazut oil.

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