Dak Lak's Coffee export turnover surges $ 88 million

The People’s Committee of Dak Lak province yesterday held a conference to summarize the coffee crop of 2016 – 2017 and deploy its tasks for the crop of 2017-2018.
Coffee export turnover in Dak Lak increases US$ 88 million
Coffee export turnover in Dak Lak increases US$ 88 million
The report about the coffee crop of 2016-2017 showed that the central highlands province had nearly 203,740 hectares of planting coffee (increased 380 hectares over the previous crop), the output of nearly 448,000 tons (decreased nearly 15,000 tons) and average yield reached 2.3 tons per hectare (down 26 kilograms per hectare).

Despite total coffee area and output in the 2016-2017 crop decreased, the province’s coffee output for export in this crop increased 4,000 tons and export turnover increased over US$ 88 million. The increasing in export value was due to the coffee price in this crop increased, remaining at around VND 42 million per ton for a long time.

 The coffee products have been increasing in quantity and quality annually. The province's export of instant coffee value also increased.
In the crop, domestic exporters purchased more than 58,000 tons from neighboring provinces with total value of more than VND 2.8 trillion and promoted the domestic consumption up to more than 20,000 tons with total coffee value of over VND 885 billion.

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