Vietnamese-French woman presses ahead with historic AO lawsuit

Vietnamese-French woman Tran To Nga affirmed she will continue her lawsuit against multinational companies for producing and selling chemical toxins sprayed by US forces during the war in Vietnam after the Crown Court of Evry City ruled that it was not competent enough to hear her case.

Nga, 79, accuses 14 multinational chemical companies, including herbicide manufacturer Monsanto (now under the Bayer Group of Germany), of supplying the herbicide and defoliant chemical - Agent Orange (AO)/dioxin, which was used extensively by the US army between 1961-1971 in Vietnam, causing serious consequences for 4 million people and severely poisoning the environment.

Vietnamese-French woman Tran To Nga (White T-shirt)
The woman, also an AO victim, has pursued the lawsuit for over a decade, including six years in court.

Regarding the Crown Court of Evry City’s ruling, Nga said she was not surprised as she was prepared. The woman stated that she will appeal immediately, kicking off a new journey no matter how difficult it will be.

On the evening of May 10, a committee in support of Nga’s lawsuit will meet to discuss the upcoming strategy. A press conference will take place on the morning of May 11 with the participation of French and foreign press agencies interested in the case.

Nga emphasised she will be at the forefront of a march in Paris on May 15 to oppose Monsanto and reiterate the lawsuit.

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