Gold prices forecast to continue rising in short term

Experts have predicted that gold prices, which reached a record high last week, may continue to rise in the short term, but the upward trend would be hard to sustain in the medium and long term.


Selling prices are high due to several factors in the domestic market, including VND/US$ exchange rate, the global rising trend in gold prices, and seasonal such as the end-of-year consumption cycle, the wedding season, and God of Wealth Day (the 10th day of a lunar year).

With these psychological factors, experts believe that gold prices will grow further in the short term. However, the current rising pace would not continue in the medium and long term because the price difference between domestic and global gold has reached VND15 million (US$619.32) per tael.

Earlier, gold prices experienced a flourishing week, setting a new record of VND77.4 million per tael in the trading session on December 22.

Although the price quickly dropped from the peak, it still stayed at a high level. At the final session last week, buying prices were listed at VND75.7 million per tael and the selling prices at between VND76.9 million VND and VND77 million VND per tael in Hanoi.

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