First batch of Russian pork to be sold in Vietnam’s supermarkets

First batch of  Russian pork will be transported to Vietnam next week.
First batch of Russian pork to be sold in Vietnam’s supermarkets
Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong talked with Chairman of Russian Miratorg Corporation about boosting bilateral agricultural and fisheries im-exports at a meeting on March 6.
Because enterprises and farm owners in Vietnam have raised price of pork lately, Minister Cuong stressed at the meeting that Vietnam will import pork of Miratorg Corporation.
Miratorg Chairman said that the corporation can produce 500,000 ton pork per year with competitive prices totally meeting demand of Vietnam. He affirmed the corporation produces pork in a close production chain from breeding to slaughtering.
The first shipment of Russian pork will arrive in the Southeast Asian country next week as per schedule.
Stressing that high demand of pork in Vietnam is an opportunity for Miratorg to boost pork import, Minister Cuong said Vietnam can export fish and shrimp to Russia because Russian can’t breeding fish and shrimp or other agricultural products.
He expected that Miratorg will act as bridge to bring Vietnamese farm produce to Russia and sell pork to Vietnam.
It is planned that agriculture ministers of the two countries will meet each other in April to talk about cooperation in im-export of farm produce.

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