Từ khóa: #wasteland

The 60-hectare project for a film studio in Quang Ngai City of Quang Ngai Province has been abandoned since 2008. (Photo: SGGP)

Amendment of Land Law needs new approach: experts

SGGP Newspaper yesterday held a discussion about ‘Draft Law on Land (amended): Removing Barriers – Promoting Internal Resources’, attracting the participation of leaders of several state units and central organizations, experts, and citizens currently using agricultural land.

Land use remains ineffective

Land use remains ineffective

The land is a special property of the nation, a basic means of production, an extremely valuable resource, a source of life for the people, and a great resource of the country. Labor is considered the father of material wealth, and land is the mother. However, over the past time, while many farmers have no land for farming and have to leave their hometowns to find a livelihood in big cities, many enterprises which are assigned thousands of hectares of land have abandoned them.