Từ khóa: #traffic account

An Suong – An Lac Toll Plaza encountered systematic errors on two lanes on September 19. (Photo: SGGP)

ETC operation still encountering much trouble

After nearly two months launching the non-stop electronic toll collection system (ETC) in Ho Chi Minh City, the rate of failure in card reading at toll booths has rocketed, leading to a concern in the community about the quality of both the card and its reading device.

ETC service providers begin to charge VND120,000 for the card installation process. (Photo: SGGP)

Operation of ETC systems in Vietnam still encountering trouble

After a fortnight launching the non-stop Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) systems on expressways and highways, it seems the operation of these systems is still not as smooth as expected due to problems from ETC card installation, money deposit into traffic accounts.