Từ khóa: #phishing

Monitoring a cyber-attack at a center for information security in Ho Chi Minh City. (Photo: SGGP)

Citizens warned of cyber-attacks with phishing

Traditional security measures using software can now no longer stop cyber-attacks and phishing, which are increasing and more serious. Internet users are, therefore, warned to upgrade their general knowledge on these dangerous activities to better protect themselves.

Vietnam receives over 5,400 cyber-attacks so far

Vietnam receives over 5,400 cyber-attacks so far

The Authority of Information Security (under the Information and Communications Ministry) has just announced that in the first five months this year, there have been 5,463 cyber-attacks in Vietnam, including 930 Phishing, 776 Deface, and 3,757 Malware.


High-quality email service providers always offer warning features when users have new emails from strangers. (Photo by SGGP)

Simple cyber attacks raging in Vietnam

Certain attacks on the Internet such as spam, phishing, scam comments on social networks, look quite simple; yet they are wrecking a havoc for both the community and businesses in Vietnam.