Từ khóa: #cyber fake news

The image from the account ‘BOT Bac Thang Long – Noi Bai’ misrepresents the truth

Cyber fake news criminals in HCMC during pandemic fight identified

Lately in Ho Chi Minh City, there has been cyber fake news relating to the fight against Covid-19, leaving the community confused and even anxious. After careful tracking, the functional agencies of the city have been able to pinpoint the criminals.

Social security maintenance tasks are put at the top priority to support vulnerable people in HCMC during the pandemic. (Photo: SGGP)

Cyber fake news wrecking havoc on HCMC’s efforts to control pandemic

Ho Chi Minh City is still in the middle of the fierce fight against Covid-19, and has achieved certain encouraging results thanks to the close cooperation between the municipal authorities and the community. Sadly, in the cyber environment, there are some hostile forces or people with low consciousness purposely spreading Covid-19-related fake news on social networks to worry the public and harm this fight.

The police force of Binh Chanh District is handling a case of spreading fake news in the area.

HCMC fiercely combats against cyber fake news

Accommodating a huge number of Vietnamese users, the Internet, especially social networks, has become a common place to update news. Lately, however, Ho Chi Minh City is witnessing the phenomenon of spreading fake harmful news, mostly related to Covid-19. The city is determinedly putting that phenomenon under control at all cost.