Từ khóa: #border gate

Container trucks waiting for customs clearance at a border gate in Lang Son Province. (Photo: TPO)

Customs clearance time to China increased

The local congestion waiting for customs clearance at border gates in Lang Son Province has become increasingly serious since the beginning of this March.
Farmers of Hung Phuoc Commune in Bu Dop District are harvesting their pepper

Vietnamese produce still struggling to find prospective buyers

Many crops in Vietnam like dragon fruit, carrot, pepper have entered their harvest season with large expected outputs. However, while some enjoy high selling prices, others are still tiredly seeking buyers. Adding to that serious problem is the continuous congestion at the northern border gates, severely harming export produce.

The program gives breeding cattle to poor women in border gate (Photo: SGGP)

Program gives breeding cattle to poor women in border gate

With the aim to help poor women, single women, and disabled women in border area in the Central Province of Quang Tri, a program has given breeding cattle to them so that they can improve households economic well-being.