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The made-in-Vietnam smartphone - Vsmart

Made-in-Vietnam smartphones facing gloomy fate

The domestic market in the past few years has witnessed the confident appearance yet miserable status of certain made-in-Vietnam smartphone brands like Asanzo, Bphone, or Mobiistar. Although giant technological corporations in the country still have the ambition to introduce locally made smartphones, consumers cannot help but wonder whether there is a possibility for them to win against already popular global brands.

Customers buy goods at a supermarket in District 5 in Ho Chi Minh City. (Photo: SGGP)

Origin fraud causes disorder in domestic market

Consumers are shocked after learning that several electronic products of Asanzo Group were made in China but had been disguised as Vietnamese-made products for years and even were honored as Vietnamese high quality goods. After the truth about Asanzo’s products was exposed, the High Quality Vietnamese Product Business Association said that it has taken away the power to use the certificate of Vietnamese high-quality goods of this company.