Bird Flu Threatens to Make a Comeback

Avian influenza is posing a grave threat to Viet Nam as it has produced more dangerous variants which can be transmitted from human to human, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat said recently.

Bird Flu Threatens to Make a Comeback ảnh 1
Local officials kill infected chickens in the northern province of Ninh Binh

To make matters worse, the dangerous Fujian-like Type 2 virus has turned up at both ends of the country. It is similar to the variant found in China’s Fukien province, where it has claimed one life already.

The biggest factor that could precipitate another nationwide outbreak of the infamous bird flu is the transportation of more than five million fowls from the north to the south every week.

That’s why the relevant officials must keep a close watch on poultry transportation and only allow birds proven to be virus free to be taken south, Mr. Phat said.

In order to thwart any strange variant of avian influenza bent on attacking the nation, the illegal trafficking of poultry across the Chinese border must be stopped at all costs, the minister stressed.

In related news, the recent flooding in northern and central Viet Nam has accelerated the spread of dengue fever, claiming more victims as it goes.

Due to the complex nature of the disease, the Health Ministry has urged the relevant officials to take swift and drastic action and bring the rising death toll to heel. 

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